Heath Ledger's Mom Praises His Daughter Mathilda


Matilda Ledger Heath Ledger daughter

Michelle Williams and daughter Mathilda Ledger are regulars around Brooklyn, and almost look like a typical mother-daughter team (except for the extreme cuteness on both of their parts). But it can’t be easy for Michelle, raising her daughter (left) in the wake of dad Heath Ledger’s very public death. So it’s a thrill to find Heath Ledger’s mom praising Mathilda. It’s is the ultimate compliment to Michelle, who’s done the bulk or raising the girl alone.

“She’s quite amazing,” Heath’s mom, Sally Bell, tells RadarOnline about Mathilda. “She’s got light and she’s full of energy like her dad — I see a lot of similarities, so I hope Michelle’s getting ready for all that energy.”

Michelle’s not the only celeb raising a young child in the wake of the father’s death. Natascha McElhone, of Californication and The Truman Show, was pregnant with her third child when her husband died suddenly in 2008, just as the couple was getting ready to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary. Today, I salute both Michelle and Natascha (below) for their strength in bringing up their children solo.

natascha mcelhone baby PHOTO2: Bauer-Griffin

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