Heather Mills Brainwashes Daughter To Like The Beach Boys


heather-mills-kate-hairThis joint custody thing has got to be tough for Paul McCartney. Heather Mill is apparently trying to turn his daughter Beatrice against him by immersing their 5 year-old daughter in the groovy sounds of the Fab Four’s arch nemeses (not the Stones, the other ones) The Beach Boys.

From Heather’s interview in People:

“She likes the Beach Boys,” Beatrice’s mother, Heather Mills, told PEOPLE at a polo event Saturday in Bridgehampton, N.Y. Her favorite song to sing? “God Only Knows.”

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Pretty much every good connoisseur of legendary rock albums is either a Sgt Pepper’s type of person or a Pet Sounds type of person, and when the get in the same room… look out, it may come to blows.

So here’s Heather force-feeding her daughter the Beach Boys… low blow.

Look, I’m not going to rip on Heather Mills (formerly Heather Mills-McCartney) for being a gold digger or bitter or whatever, because I know her prosthetic leg comes off sometimes in supermarkets and that’s got to be tough.

I’m just saying that either way you look at it, Michael Jackson’s kids get a paycheck when you buy a Beatles record, not Paul’s. MJ has owned the rights to all of the Lennon-McCartney songbook since the 80s.