Heather Mills' Leg Goes Flying In Supermarket Tumble



This is so wrong … but sooo funny. On her Twitter site, Beatle ex-wife Heather Mills confirmed that she and her leg were recently involved in an incident that sent her prosthetic leg flying through a supermarket. 

“Slipped on spilled milk while being followed down supermarket aisle by two teenage boys, ended up on my ass but they rescued my leg and me,” Heather thanked her ‘heroes’ and is believed to have been left relatively unhurt by the accident.

Personally, I still can’t believe that this didn’t happen at least once during the filming of Dancing with the Stars. I really hope Heather’s 5 year-old daughter Beatrice wasn’t around to witness the fall. I bet that would be pretty traumatizing, seeing your amputee mother take a nasty spill and see her leg go flying off. Yikes.

Glad to hear that she was unhurt. That supermarket’s pretty lucky, if she weren’t trying to sell boatloads of veggie burgers, she’d probably sue the pants off of them…

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