Heather Mills Planning to Adopt?


Is Heather Mills planning to adopt a child?

The former Mrs. Paul McCartney (Mrs. Sir Paul McCartney? Quick, someone call Countess Luann and tell me how the title thing works) would love to give six-year-old Beatrice a sibling, but feels that there are already too many people in the world for her to get pregnant again. Hence, adoption.

“I wouldn’t have another child because the world is already too overpopulated.” Mills said. “But I might adopt one.”Mills also dished about her daughter with Sir Paul, Beatrice, who seems to share her mother’s flair for political activism. Apparently, she has taken to walking up to diners eating steaks in restaurants and saying things like “You know that’s a baby cow?”

That might be cute, if you weren’t’ on your one big night out that month, splurging on a sitter for the evening and treating yourself to a $40 filet. Because in that case, it would be really, really annoying.


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