Heels in the City! 10 Celeb Moms Who Don't Worry About Sore Feet (Photos)

Katie Holmes in heels in NYC.

I may live in Connecticut, but I spend quite a bit of time in New York City for various events. As much as I’d love to try and fit in with all of the fashionistas who live there, I just can’t bring myself to walk the streets of the city in heels. I learned the hard way that concrete and mile-high heels simply don’t mix!

Celebrity moms, on the other hand, are seen all over the streets of NYC walking around in stilettos without a care in the world. Honestly, how do they do it? Is there some sort of secret for keeping your toes comfortable in heels that I haven’t figured out yet?

Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri spend quite a bit of time on the east coast, and for an outing together earlier this week, Katie chose a pair of super high beige heels. Weren’t her feet killing her the next day?

To see 10 more celebrity moms who love wearing heels in the city, take a look at the photos below.


  • Victoria Beckham 1 of 10
    Victoria Beckham
    Victoria is rarely seen in anything by heels, even while carrying baby Harper!
  • Sarah Jessica Parker 2 of 10
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    SJP is a total heels pro!
  • Miranda Kerr 3 of 10
    Miranda Kerr
    My feet hurt just looking at those stilettos!
  • Kelly Ripa 4 of 10
    Kelly Ripa
    Kelly balances perfectly in heels, even on rough NYC terrain.
  • Kourtney Kardashian 5 of 10
    Kourtney Kardashian
    Style-conscious Kourtney isn't worried about her feet hurting.
  • Heidi Klum 6 of 10
    Heidi Klum
    Are the streets of NYC easier to walk on than the runway?
  • Beyonce 7 of 10
    Beyonce's baby bump hasn't altered her love of heels!
  • Jennifer Lopez 8 of 10
    Jennifer Lopez
    Most people can barely walk in shoes like Jennifer's, but she walks and texts at the same time!
  • Jessica Simpson 9 of 10
    Jessica Simpson
    Mom-to-be Jessica still wears sky-high heels.
  • Katie Holmes 10 of 10
    Katie Holmes
    Katie is a repeat offender!