Heene Parents Take A Lie Detector Test: Balloon Boy Update


heene-family-wifeswap-balloon2Are you ready for your daily dose of crazy? Because it’s here … and there’s enough to last you for at least a week. Balloon boy’s parents, Richard and Mayumi Heene apparently sat down with Colorado’s finest for a lie-detector test over the weekend in order to determine whether the balloon boy incident was indeed staged.

Though both of the Heene parents’ individual polygraph tests were concluded over the weekend (most likely confirming what we already suspect), officials aren’t releasing the results yet. Why not, I wonder?

Do officials just want to keep the media circus alive as long as possible? Maybe the police chief in Fort Collins wants lots of face time because he’s running for political office soon.

Polygraph tests aren’t exactly considered 100% accurate by the courts or anything, but along with Falcon’s quasi-admission on Larry King Live (and a number of other factors) a somewhat conclusive polygraph result would certainly add some extra weight to the hoax theory.

Perhaps the default question for each parent should be: “Mr. or Mrs. Heene, are you aware that you are batsh*t crazy?” That would help give us all a reference point for the rest of their answers.

Either way, it looks like the Heenes might not be able to film that reality show after all… because the parents may be in jail.