Who Are the Heenes? Photos and Home Videos


heene-wifeswap-balloonWhile the sad and frightening story about the missing six-year-old Falcon Heene and his floating away in the family’s storm chasing, experimental aircraft continues to unfold we thought we’d shed some light on the family.

Richard and Mayumi Heene have three boys, one of which witnessed Falcon climb into the homemade balloon that traveled a total of 50 miles, at heights over 7,000 feet, from their Fort Collins home.  The Heene family has been featured on ABC’s hit show Wife Swap.

The family also has a lengthy history on YouTube.


If you pull up Twitter right now you’ll see a lot of speculation that the story of Falcon Heene being trapped in a balloon is a hoax.  You’ll also see a lot of tasteless and offensive jokes about “#balloonboy” and his whereabouts.  It’s all rather crude and uncalled for.

The Heenes do seem to march to their own beat, but they are a family in crisis.  Let’s cut them some slack.

UPDATED –  Are the Heenes coming to a TV near you?

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