Heidi Klum And Baby Lou Land At LAX (Photos)


Heidi Klum, Lou SamuelPhotographers caught up with model extraordinaire Heidi Klum and her 4-month-old Lou Sulola Samuel at LAX this morning. The Victoria’s Secret model and her blanket-wrapped bundle of joy were reportedly coming home after a trip to New York for Fashion Week.

Unfortunately for us, these aren’t the most candid shots of baby Lou we’ve seen. The sunglasses-clad Klum looks a little weary from her travels, or maybe just annoyed to see the paparazzi (I probably would be).

Anyhow, even though Heidi did her best to keep Sulola out of the spotlight, there is one pic in which she’s peaking wide-eyed out of her pink blanket. You’ve gotta remember this whole camera-wielding paparazzi stalking thing is still quite new for Lou.

Obvs, the picture isn’t in sharp focus or anything… and you can’t see a whole lot of Lou’s face, but it almost looks like her hair is lighter than the last time we saw her.

Will Lou turn out to be a blond like her mom? I’ve heard of blond babies going brown, but never the other way around.

Heidi Klum, Lou SamuelHeidi Klum, Lou Samuel

Photos: INF Daily

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