Heidi Klum and Seal's Custody Battle Begins

heidi klum seal
Heidi Klum is seeking full custody of her children.

While Heidi Klum and Seal’s separation seemed to be an amicable one, new reports are surfacing leading us to believe that an ugly custody battle is about to come under way.

A new report from Star magazine says, “The original agreement was that Heidi would have primary custody and Seal could visit at any time. But since the breakup was announced [on Jan. 22], Heidi has been looking to pack up their home in Brentwood and go back to New York.”

Seal plans to stay on the west coast in California while Heidi wishes to move her four children, Henry, 6, Johan, 5, Lou, 2, and Leni, 7, to New York City – far away from their father. “She believes his lifestyle and criminal issues don’t provide a ‘conducive environment’ for their kids,” the source explains.

According to this report, Seal has a violent history, pushing Heidi and having a raging temper, as well as multiple run-ins with the law, including drug trafficking and promoting prostitution.

“Heidi had no idea,” the source says. “She’s dumbfounded that Seal led a double life. Things are going to get nasty between them.”

What do you think about these allegations? Who deserves the kids?

[Photo via Pacific Coast News.]

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