Heidi Klum Describes Her Kids Very Different Personalities


Parents of more than one child know just how different they all can be. I have a shy one, an assertive one, and an easy going one. As similar as they are in some ways, there are even more ways that they are all different!

Heidi Klum is gracing the May cover of Good Housekeeping, and talks openly about the importance of family, balancing it all, and just how different her four children are.  

Her oldest child, 6-year-old daughter Leni is “the lawyer type. She has wits and ways to manipulate anyone into whatever she wants. And you know what? Sometimes if she has a good point, I let her have what she wants.”

5-year-old son Henry “lives in his own world.” Heidi also says that out of the four, he’s the artistic one.

4-year-old son Jonah is her “why-why-why kid” and Heidi says, “You show him any word, and he can read it. He’s always the one with the book under the arm, and he always wants to know, ‘What is that?'”

And the baby of the brood, 1-year-old daughter Lou is “…very observant. It’s probably quite a trip being born into a family where you have three older siblings. Boy, they pull her around. They don’t leave her out.”

Are Heidi and her husband musician Seal ready to add to their family again? Heidi says no, they are content with their family.

Do your children have very different personalities?