Heidi Klum Flaunts Her Love Handles



A pregnant Heidi Klum was spotted on Wednesday, June 17, at Bar Pitti in New York City and the expectant mom says she’s getting “love handles.”  Hottest love handles anyone has ever seen, I bet.

One more pic after the jump


Heidi admits she’s putting on weight in some unflattering places.  She tells In Touch Weekly, “I tend to be rounder with girls.  The love handles are peaking in the back!”

She adds, “You get used to all the changes of your body. It’s not like I’m going, ‘Oh my God!’ I’m used to that part of it. You feel like a Buddha!”

But the mom of soon-to-be four kids, says she feels great.

“My mood is the same this time with all the other pregnanices.  I always feel great!  I never really change.”


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