Heidi Klum Is Officially A Designer


Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum, Michael KorsNow that Heidi Klum’s maternity lines for Pea in A Pod and Motherhood Maternity has been revealed, she shares what inspired her to make them and what her kids are eating these days.

In an interview with Popeater, Klum says that her maternity clothes can be worn after childbirth. What inspired her was having comfort and style.

She says, “I wanted to make things that you can wear after you’re pregnant because most people say, ‘I can’t wait to get rid of these maternity clothes,’ but the truth of the matter is you still have to wear them after the baby is born.”

The Project Runway host even sketched the designs herself.

She said the work was “easy” and added, “I just go with my gut instinct. I wanted things that were pretty but still hard. I didn’t want them to be too fruity or cutesy.”

Asked if she feeds her kids German food she answered, “Sometimes. I try to stay healthy with them. Obviously they eat carbs and they also have schnitzel and dumplings with sausage in them.”

It seems Heidi is on the top of the world. She’s a designer now, a glamorous mom, and is on the hit show Project Runway. On February 12, she filmed the finale of the show with fellow judges Michael Kors (see photo) and Nina Garcia at  New York’s Bryant Park.