Heidi Klum Goes For A Early Morning Jog With Her Trainer (Photos)

Heidi Klum

Not only is she a supermodel and a super mom, but she’s also super fit! Heidi Klum was spotted going for a quick jog with her trainer near her home in New York City on Saturday morning.

The mother-of-four wore a purple top and black spandex capris as she jogged near the river. Before her run, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel posted a photo of herself happily jumping in the air on her Twitter page with the caption, “No more broken toe!! Back to running.”

Take a look below and let us know what you think. It’s hard to believe that the German beauty is going to be 40 next year as she looks absolutely fantastic! It’s also great to see her be a good role model for her daughters by taking care of her body by exercising and eating healthy. Check out our photo gallery below. 

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    Heidi Klum
    German super model Heidi Klum seen enjoying her morning workout joined by her body guard near her home in New York.
  • Keeping Fit 2 of 5
    Keeping Fit
    Heidi knows the importance of looking good and keeping fit!
  • Style 3 of 5
    What do you think of Heidi's work-out style?
  • Running 4 of 5
    It's great to see her running again.
  • Go Heidi! 5 of 5
    Go Heidi!
    She's a great example to both celebrity moms and "us" moms out there.

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