Heidi Klum Goes Hippie: Tie-Dye & Birkenstocks - Fine or Fashion Crime?

Heidi Klum Goes Hippie?
Heidi Klum Goes Hippie?


Project Runway star, super model, super mom, and new face of Jordache Heidi Klum was spotting in New York City taking her kids to the hot spot Bar Pitti for lunch.

With son Johan and daughters Leni and Lou,  Heidi looks glam as usual, but not glam in a high fashion sense of the word, more glam as in a contemporary take on hippie chic. Heidi wore a long tie-dye maxi dress and a pair of Birkenstocks. But whether you can back her hippie-dippy look, she certainly looks comfy.

Check out more photos of Heidi and her kids here:


  • Heidi and Leni 1 of 5
    Heidi and Leni
    Heidi Klum and daughter Leni, Leni looks so much like a supermodel in training!
  • Heidi and Lou 2 of 5
    Heidi and Lou
    Heidi carried Lou into Bar Pitti in New York City. How adorable is Lou?
  • Heidi’s Hippie Look 3 of 5
    Heidi's Hippie Look
    Not only is Heidi wearing a tie-dye dress but she's wearing a pair of Birkenstocks too!
  • Leni 4 of 5
    Heidi's daughter Leni already looks like she is going to be a stunner when she grows up.
  • Johan 5 of 5
    Son Johan was spotted blowing his nose as he headed to the family lunch.