Heidi Klum: Is She Bringing Back Overalls? (Photos)



Heidi Klum is making a style statement that I’m not too sure about here. The celebrity mom, model, and television judge and presenter (seriously, how many hats does this woman wear???) was spotted wearing a pair of overalls during her daughter’s soccer game while in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday afternoon.

While I’m all about making style statements, I’m just not sure if I’m wanting adult-sized denim overalls to be making a comeback to 2014. I don’t know about you, but I think mine should stay back in my closet from 1993 and not come out.

Take a look at our photos below and tell us, are you a fan of Heidi’s overalls? Is this look at hit… or a miss for you? If anything, I will say that she does look quite youthful!



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