Heidi Klum's Karate Kids: Plus Her Son Got a Mohawk! (Photos)

Heidi Klum & Her Karate Kids

Heidi Klum was spotted with her karate kids in Los Angeles. The now single mom of four was a bold vision in her very hot pink maxi-dress which she paired with a black leather motorcycle jacket which gave a bit of an edgy look to her outfit. And speaking of being edgy, one of her sons went with a punky look himself – he got a mohawk! And not just a a plain every day mohawk, his was highlighted.

Check out his new hairstyle and mom Heidi right here:

  • Karate Kids 1 of 4
    Karate Kids
    Heidi Klum and her boys going to karate.
  • The Hair 2 of 4
    The Hair
    She totally is the kinda mom that let's her kids have their own style.
  • Hot Pink 3 of 4
    Hot Pink
    Supermodel Heidi is totally embracing the neon Spring trend in her hot pink maxi-dress.
  • Close Up 4 of 4
    Close Up
    Now that's a hair do.



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