Heidi Klum Kids Stay True to Gender Stereotypes: Should You Switch It Up?

heidi klum kids
Heidi Klum and daughter Leni

Heidi Klum and Seal were spotted taking their three oldest kids to their classes yesterday. Sons Henry and Johan went to karate while daughter Leni was off to ballet.

Little girls in tutus and little boys practicing martial arts: very stereotypical, isn’t it? Should you mix it up a little?

My oldest boys have taken karate and loved it. There were little girls in their karate class.  I can’t imagine my boys in a ballet class, though they could tumble with the best of them in a gymnastics class.

I think you should consider what your child is interested in. If they want to take classes that fall into a gender stereotype, let them! And if they want to take a class that is usually for the opposite gender, let them do that!

Letting a child take a class or not take a class just for the sake of defying a gender stereotype seems a little silly to me. Let them take what they actually would enjoy!

I bet that is what Heidi Klum and Seal do, too.

Photo: PCN