Heidi Klum Says It's Harder This Time


heidi-klum-baby-weight-victorias-secretHeidi Klum isn’t having as easy of a time dropping the baby weight this time around.  I’ve heard it gets harder after each kid and Lou is her fourth so I guess that follows that line of logic.

She just had the baby last month and she’s already hitting the treadmill and eating sensibly.

Heidi said, “I wouldn’t say I’m back in shape yet. Everything changes when you get older. It was different when I was 31 with the first one and now being 36 with the fourth one. I think that if you wait too long and it sticks there it stays that way forever. I have to be motivated.”

She’s afraid that if she waits too long she’ll never be able to get the extra weight off. At least she has the money to hire a trainer to kick her butt out of bed everyday to get her to workout. Also, the 17 nannies she has goes a long way towards time for herself.