Heidi Klum: Lou "Doesn't Want To Leave Mama's Side"


Heidi KlumHow does she do it? Heidi Klum flies here there and everywhere and has been seen promoting Victoria’s Secrets and her show Project Runway along with doing charity work and designing not one but two lines of clothing’s…and she does it all with a newborn totally attached to her! Heidi said of her 3 ½ month old:

[Lou is] “great,” but she doesn’t want to leave mama’s side. “I mean it’s a little bit hard because she’s very attached to me still. She doesn’t drink from the bottle. That’s a little bit of an issue right now!”

She’s about to go off to New York City for fashion week and getting ready for the Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fashion Show that she is participating in. Hopefully little Lou won’t get too bad a case of separation anxiety!


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