Heidi Klum: My Kids Must Always Look Cool!

Heidi Klum and her sons: Stylish family

Kids have a great sense of style all on their own. My daughter was mixing patterns before she even knew it was fashionable, and my son wears his shirts inside-out just because.

But when your mom is a high-profile fashion model and the star of a popular design show, you bet you’re going to step out looking your best at all times.

“We have a rule in the house,” Heidi Klum said during a recent interview. “Rule Number 1 is to always look cool, and Rule Number 2 is don’t forget Rule Number 1.”

As you can see by this and other pictures of Heidi and her children, she’s not kidding. At 2 1/2, little Lou is still a bit young to be picking her own outfits, but older daughter Leni, 8, and older son Henry, 6 1/2, are particularly fussy about what they wear. (Johan, 5 1/2, cuts a pretty fine figure himself.)

Henry is so concerned about his clothes that he changes several times a day!Heidi describes some of his unusual fashion choices: “[He will] wear a T-shirt and then he will wear a tie just around his neck and then a belt over his shirt….I’m like, ‘Really? You want to put the belt over your T-shirt and the tie around your neck?’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, Mom, I’m cool.’ ”

Maybe the future male model could persuade Mom’s favorite Project Runway designer to whip up a few back-to-school ensembles for him. Heidi says she’s “proud to wear the clothes” of uberfierce winner Christian Siriano.

Kudos to Heidi for encouraging her kids’ self-expression! Maybe I can persuade my son to put a belt over his inside-out shirt…

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