Heidi Klum Shops New Reality Show, "Seriously Funny Kids"


heidi klum kids

To Heidi Klum, kids are top priority. So it’s not surprise that her latest reality project involves young ‘uns and their inherent adorability. The show, titled Seriously Funny Kids, will film kids at kid-centric locations, and their reactions to various situations, according to Variety. It’s being co-produced by the company that was behind Bill Cosby’s Kids Say the Darndest Things. But don’t expect Seriously Funny Kids to be a retread of that classic.

That show “was Bill Cosby-centric, and this is kid-centric,” says executive producer Eric Schotz. They’re getting ready to shop it to networks.

It’ll be show number three for Klum, on top of Project Runway and a yet-to-be-titled Lifetime show in which she’s set to co-star with her husband Seal. 

SOURCE: Variety