Heidi Klum on Family Vacation


Heidi Klum stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night and dished about her family’s summer vacation.  You might not have heard about it, because Heidi’s other topic, sunbathing topless,  has gotten all the attention.  God must love her, because who else would even think of sun bathing topless after having four kids!

Now back to the vacation.  Heidi says the entire family is  suffering from jet lag after a three month summer tour, which did include some work for both mom, Heidi, and dad, Seal.  Heidi admitted that jet lag has been tough on the family, explaining that you can’t just tell a child to go to sleep after a nine hour time difference.  The result? She’s up each night with the kids at three and four in the morning.  Maybe that’s why her hair looked like it needed to be combed?

A three month family vacation is probably not what the rest of us did over the summer.  But Heidi and the gang did lots of things we just might do.  During their six weeks in New York City (while Heidi shot the ninth season of Project Runway) they made sure to see the Statue of Liberty,  and even crammed themselves into the upstairs of a double decker tour bus.  Next stop was Spain, where the family watched Seal perform in concert, complete with the kids wearing ear plugs. Spain also had  lots of topless beach time, which was later repeated in on the beaches of Italy.  In Italy, Seal stole some of the attention from topless Heidi, when he put on a tiny red Speedo. It was all very different from how Heidi vacationed as a child, when her father hitched a camper to the back of the family car!

Photo credit:  Pacific Coast News