Heidi Klum on Losing the Baby Weight and Why She Breastfeeds


998-heidi-klum-290Heidi Klum has made a speedy and much-discussed return to her pre-baby shape after each of her four pregnancies. She said her motivation to breastfeed is because it’s good for her baby, not to lose the baby weight. But she also says something about getting back into shape that might rub some moms who haven’t been able to lose the extra poundage as easily the wrong way.

“If you’re living your life, not sitting on the couch … a woman will go back to how she looked before she was pregnant.”

Err, well, not always. We can’t all have the great Klum genes, can we? Regardless, I like Heidi so I bet she didn’t mean to offend. I guess I better get off my couch now…

Source: People