Heidi Klum On the Easy Way She Feeds Her Kids


Heidi Klum may be an internationally renowned super model and host of the hit show, Project Runway, but she still finds time to feed her kids some good meals in the kitchen. Just not too much time. The star and mom of four recently admitted to that she does employ some time-saving tricks during meal time at the Klum-Samuel (she’s married to musician Seal) household.

“When the baby has baby food I usually give them exactly what we eat, but I put it in the Magic Bullet,” she said. “I don’t make special baby food, so I love that.” Klum raved about the Magic Bullet, a blender/smoothie-maker.

As for the kids who are a little too old to be eating mush, she gives them a healthy dose of various meals. “They love spaghetti and meatballs, chicken soup, schnitzel and kale,” she said. (If you’re interested in cooking up something a little different for your kids, try these recipes from Mark Bittman.)

And if they don’t like what mom has to offer on the dinner table, well, too bad for them. “I don’t make special things for them,” Klum said. “They eat whatever is cooked and if they don’t like it, the kitchen is closed!”

Can you picture Heidi Klum in the kitchen, slaving over a hot stove?


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