Heidi Klum Opens Up About Plastic Surgery

Heidi Klum

She is considered as one the most beautiful women in the world, but according to supermodel Heidi Klum there’s one thing that makes women ugly: plastic surgery, especially when it comes to young girls.

The celebrity mother of four opens up about her take on beauty and the slicing and dicing that goes on in Hollywood in the latest issue of Allure magazine. She also talks about her pre-modeling days and her recent split from soon-to-be ex-husband Seal. Here are some highlights from her interview:

On her pre-Victoria’s Secret career: “I never did fashion shows — not in Paris or Berlin or even in New York City. I tried, but no one would book me. I was too curvy and too busty and a little too short. And I was a little bit self-conscious about it. But I was by no means heavy, I just — well, you have hips and boobs, and that’s it. Haute couture, you don’t really see girls with big boobs. And I always wanted first to be a model. So I had to say, ‘OK, you’re going to find other things to do in this industry, or it’s maybe not my industry.'”

Gay men are awesome: “They are like this kaleidoscope of interesting thoughts and opinions. They teach you so many things about men that are useful.”

She’s never had cosmetic surgery or botox: “Ask me again when I’m 65, but…I’m proud to be able to say, in this day and age, I haven’t done anything. Everyone has a view of what’s pretty and what’s not pretty, and [surgery’just doesn’t look pretty to me. Especially when I see it on really young girls. I don’t want to name names, but it’s like, Wow, I remember you five years ago, looking to me so beautiful, and now it’s like… who is this person? And I know girls half my age who do it. What are they gonna do at 40 or 50, when the sh-t really hits the fan?”

On marriage/divorce to Seal: “It’s hard, just like for other couples. People go through our trash cans. It’s crazy. And you know, we have four kids; they have to go to school. You know, I wouldn’t change anything. If I had to go back in time and say, ‘I should have changed this or that…’ No. I don’t resent anything that ever happened. Things just turn out the way they turn out… I’m still in the eye of the storm now, and it’s all a little bit crazy. But sometimes you have to be apart in order to figure it out.”

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