Heidi Klum Says She's Still Needs to Lose 20 Pounds...Yeah Right (PHOTOS)


victorias secret time square 181109If you’ve ever had a baby, like physically gone through a pregnancy, than the mere mention of Heidi Klum probably makes you seethe with jealousy. Known for her amazing bounce back after birth, her fourth child didn’t seem to do much damage to her multi-million dollar bod. But that’s not what Heidi thinks. She said she is looking forward to the show and her hosting duties saying that:

“I’m definitely one of the heaviest of the bunch of the 30 girls in the show. And I still have 20 lbs. to go. But why not? I like my outfit. I like the way it looks on me.” She did admit “You definitely have less pressure hosting, when you don’t shake your booty in front of millions of people around the world.”

But she is getting her booty ready regardless, she has a trainer come and work out with her at her home in LA and has been doing lots of walking and using a medicine ball. Check out her post baby bod below and yes, she makes me mad too.

victorias secret time square 2 181109

victorias secret time square 181109

Source: Celebrity Gossip. net

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