Heidi Klum Still Wears Maternity Pants!


Heidi KlumHeidi Klum is still wearing her maternity pants! Yes, even though Heidi is known to drop her baby bump in epic time, she still sports pants made for those carrying a bit extra in the belly. But perhaps she just really believes in her own products since it looks like what she is wearing is Heidi Kluma pair of her Heidi Klum Maternity Denim Leggings from her Lavish line from Pea in the Pod. But, in her defense, Heidi did mention recently on Good Morning America that women, you know normal women, actually end up wearing their maternity clothes for a stint after their baby is born. Yes, she is nothing if not realistic. These slim legged, super stretch leggings are available here for $98.


Photo: INF Photo

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