Heidi Klum Summer Run Challenge Update (Photo)

Heidi klum run
Heidi Klum and Brooklyn Decker celebrate a fun run

This summer, Heidi Klum issued a challenge: get out and run! Run every day from June 20-July 25.  This morning, she ran with Brooklyn Decker and tweeted this fun photo.

She has been blogging her progress.  She also shares how her team has been doing. Her team, which is made up of anyone who signed up to participate in Heidi’s Summer Run, has a goal of 100,000 miles walked/run.

As of this morning, according to fitbit, Heidi Klum has run all twenty-three days of the challenge for a total of 93.77 miles! That’s inspiring! No wonder Heidi Klum looks so good!

Her team has completed only 14,339 miles of the 100,000 so far. They need to take a cue from Heidi and get moving with this Summer Run challenge!

What have you been doing to workout this summer?

Photo: Twitter

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