Heidi Klum Takes Her Kids Out For Breakfast In L.A.



Heidi Klum is one celebrity mom that I definitely can’t keep up with. One moment she’s in New York City filming “America’s Got Talent,” and then the next she’s in her native Germany for “Germany’s Next Top Model,” and before you know it, she’s back in the West Coast spending time with her family during her weekends. I don’t think there’s ever been a week that’s gone by with Heidi sitting in just one time zone, LOL.

The newly single celebrity mother-of-four was spotted taking her children Leni, Lou, Johan, and Henry out for breakfast while in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Sunday morning. And while there, she also Instagrammed a pic of her “breakfast for champions,” which I really don’t get… Is this supposed to be matzah ball soup? If so, it looks more like a yummy lunch for me than something I would eat in the morning. But as Heidi would say in her native German, I’m sure it was “Lecker!”

Hey, if this is what they call a supermodel diet these days, I’m all for it!

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