Heidi Klum Takes the Kids & Boyfriend to the Pumpkin Patch (Photos)

Heidi Klum Getting Her Pumpkin On

Heidi Klum loves, and I mean LOVES Halloween, so of course she wants to get in on the festivities early (and often).

The mom of four was spotted at a Los Angeles pumpkin patch with her kids, her boyfriend Martin (who is her boyfriend too), and her parents! Yup, it was a big crew. The family played, went on the rides and picked out pumpkins (of course).

Heidi was totally in the Halloween spirit with her “spooky” sweater complete with spider webs. I love her enthusiasm for the season!

Check out more photos of Heidi and her posse here:

  • Heidi Klum and the Nanny 1 of 9
    Heidi Klum and the Nanny
    Heidi Klum looking lovely at the pumpkin patch!
  • The Posse 2 of 9
    The Posse
    Heidi was with her all her kids, her boyfriend/bodyguard, a nanny and her parents!
  • Martin Kristen 3 of 9
    Martin Kristen
    Martin Kristen mixing business with pleasure.
  • Heidi’s Outfit 4 of 9
    Heidi's Outfit
    Heidi wore all black on the outing. A perfect outfit for Halloween. And check out her Halloween themed sweater!
  • Leni 5 of 9
    Leni inherited her mother's good looks and looked very happy on the outing.
  • The Slide 6 of 9
    The Slide
    Heidi and daughter Lou took a ride down the slide. Lou looked a bit scared but Heidi looked like she was having a blast.
  • Heidi’s Dad 7 of 9
    Heidi's Dad
    Heidi's dad was along with an iPad close at hand.
  • Heidi & Martin 8 of 9
    Heidi & Martin
    The new couple were having a grand old time. Wonder what the kids think of the two dating.
  • Football 9 of 9
    After the pumpkin patch, the family went to a football game nearby.

Photos: Twitter
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