Heidi Klum Thinks Motherhood Should Be Fun


Heidi Klum has advice for all us moms out there: have fun!

The advice is admittedly on loan from her own mom, who told her to “always have fun, treat people well, and have respect for everybody” which is sage advice for life, and pretty good for motherhood, too.

Still, while Klum has a point that we should try to enjoy motherhood, it can be hard advice to follow. Let’s face it: sometimes kids aren’t that much fun. Like when they aren’t sleeping, or when you are trying to potty train them, or when they have thrown themselves face-down on the pavement at the playground and are screaming “No! I won’t go!” at the top of their lungs.

That said, Klum’s insistence that we should all step away from the stress and have more fun is a good attitude to have. With all the ups and downs and hard work, and challenging momemnts, this life is a pretty fun one, and we should do all we can to enjoy it. You know, before our kids turn into teenagers.

Source/Photos: Pacific Coast

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