Heidi Klum's AMAZING Transformation into an Old Woman for Halloween! (Photos)


Heidi Klum takes Halloween seriously, very seriously. Every year, she throws a big party and always creates costume magic with a very eclectic array of inspiration. She’s been an ape, a bird, a skinless cadaver, an eerie alien, and a many-armed Indian deity. And this year, Heidi outdid herself. She went as an old woman!

I have to say, I love that Heidi Klum doesn’t default to “sexy” for her Halloween costumes like many of her supermodel peers. Instead, she isn’t afraid to get gory, feathered, hairy, or — in this case — geriatric.

Heidi Klum shared the process on her Instagram account, and it really was quite the metamorphosis. Check out Heidi Klum’s amazing transformation from supermodel to old lady right here:

  • Old Lady Heidi! 1 of 8
    heidi Klum Halloween

    Heidi Klum was all smiles in her new/old skin.

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram

  • Before 2 of 8
    heidi Klum mirror

    "Ok guys ..... here I go into the future." The "before" shot!

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram

  • Prosthetics 3 of 8

    "Thanks to Andy Clement and #creativeCharacterEngineering for my amazing prosthetics." They really did an amazing job!

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/Twitter

  • The Makeup Team 4 of 8
    heidi Klum face

    The masters of the makeup, Bill Corso and Mike Marino. They really are amazing!

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram

  • The Team 5 of 8
    heidi Klum getting ready

    Heidi had a whole team working on her very detailed makeup job.

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram

  • Legs 6 of 8
    Heidi Klum legs

    They really went for details; look at the veins and the extra skin on the knees. Totally amazing.

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram

  • Eyes 7 of 8
    heidi klum eye

    It's really stunning how real the makeup artist's work looks!

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram

  • The Final Heidi! 8 of 8

    The finished costume. Heidi is totally unrecognizable!

    Photo Source: Heidi Klum/ Instagram