Heidi Klum's Body Might Not Be Bikini-Ready In November



Heidi Klum, who is 9-months-pregnant with baby number four, says she may not be quite ready to walk the runway for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November, so soon after giving birth.

Heidi said her three childen are excited about the new baby but still don’t quite understand the whole process.   She said, “they don’t really understand there is actually a real human being in there.”

Will the supermodel be ready to hit the runway so soon after giving birth?  She has her doubts.

“I have to play it by hear; I might be cutting it a little short this time.  I’m still going to have my Halloween party, that’s okay because I can put a big costume on but walking in a g-string is a little hard,” she admits.

“It’s all cute when you’re pregnant, but once you’ve had the baby it’s not so… well, it takes time.”

I’m not sure I believe her!  She walked the runway mere weeks after giving birth to her son, but this IS pregnancy number four… so yeah, could take a bit more time for things to go back to they way they once were!  We’ll see.