Heidi Klum's Daughter Lou Really Wants Uppies! (Photos)

Heidi Klum's Daughter Lou

This is something that happens to every parent not just the kind of the supermodel variety. Your young child begs, pleads and pretty much insists that you give them “uppies.” Even though they are completely capable of walking on their own, they want mom (or dad) to do some heavy lifting and carry them to their destination. And they don’t seem to care if said mom or dad has their hands full with shopping bags and coffee.

This tried and true method of getting a free ride was pulled on the one and only Heidi Klum by her young daughter Lou. Check out the play by play action right here. Warning it’s pretty adorable.

  • Heidi Klum and Lou 1 of 5
    Heidi Klum and Lou
    Lou gives her the tried and true, "mommy, carry me!" sign.
  • Heidi Gives In. 2 of 5
    Heidi Gives In.
    Even thought she has a cup of coffee and a shopping bag, Heidi gives in.
  • The Lift 3 of 5
    The Lift
    It looks to be a wee bit of a struggle, but she grabs a tight hold of Lou and lifts her up.
  • Mission Accomplished 4 of 5
    Mission Accomplished
    Lou = mission accomplished! She now gets the free rider she was begging for.
  • Bonus- The Leg 5 of 5
    Bonus- The Leg
    Here's a bonus shot of Heidi Klum showing off her thigh in her high slit skirt.


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