Heidi Klum's Kids Rock Out With Rihanna

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Heidi and Seal listen to Rihanna with the kids.

When you have a supermodel for a mom and a musical genius for a dad, you might hope that you’d inherit some talent from at least one parent.

Heidi Klum and Seal’s kids need not worry. Heidi says they are already showing a pure love for music and are quite talented at it already.

In an interview with Perez Hilton, Heidi said her kids are musically inclined:

They play drums, they play piano. Lani is seven, Henry is five, and Johan is four and they all play.

And just what are the kids listening to right now?

“Right now we’re listening a lot to Rihanna.Well, especially my little one, she’s a year and a half, Lou. She goes, ”³Oh nah, nah. Papa, oh nah, nah? She comes to papa because papa is the music man. So she goes to papa and she says, ”³Papa, oh nah, nah, oh nah, nah.?”³ And he has to put on ”³Oh nah, nah”³.

What do your kids listen to? Do you let them listen to mainstream music or do you only allow kids’ music?


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