Heidi Klum's New Hairdo Explained


Well, I surmised Heidi Klum gave in to a mom ‘do after having her fourth kid so her style would be less maintenance. Wrong! (Never let it be said I won’t admit when I’m mistaken…) The mother of four (Leni, 5; Henry, 4; and Johan, 3; and Lou, 6 months), seen here after lunching at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, appeared on The Tonight Show where Jay Leno got to the bottom of the shorter, heavy-banged style. AND, she lets us in on her diet secret.

“I got bored,” the model mom and Project Runway host explained, “as we all do every once in a while as girls, so I chopped it off!”

“I grow it, I cut it. Some people never change their hair and it works for them. For me, I get bored.”

As for her diet: “No carbs, a lot of vegetables and salad.”  She says carbs go “here and here” smacking her thighs for emphasis. Oh! It’s all of those bagels I eat sitting in my thighs. Thanks, Heidi!


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