Heidi Klums Personal Photos From Her European Family Vacation

Heidi Klum and Seal

We don’t think there’s a cuter Hollywood family than the Klum/Samuel clan and a couple more in love than Heidi and Seal in the showbiz world.

Of course no one ever knows what goes on when the camera lens looks the other way, but there’s no denying the harmony and love that this couple has for each other and their kids.

With that being said, supermodel Heidi Klum looked like she had a wonderful time relaxing with her hubby and kids while vacationing in Ibiza and Sardinia for the past few weeks.

The “Project Runway” host shared quite a few personal pics on her Twitter account with her fans, and we can’t help but notice that the leggy model bumped in to quite a few celebs while on the beach.

Check out our gallery of Heidi’s pics and tell us, have you ever bumped into a Hollywood star while on vacation?

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    Heidi and Seal bump into Ryan Seacrest in Ibiza.
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    Heidi enjoying the beach.
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    Heidi's kids built quite an impressive sandcastle on the beach.
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    A reflective Heidi in Sardinia.
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    Heidi and Seal with British crooner Craig David.
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    Heidi and Seal with Macy Gray.
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    Heidi and Seal saying good-bye to their vacation.
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Photos: Twitter