Heidi Montag Wants To Be The "Next Octomom"


heidi-and-spencer2A couple weeks ago, Spencer Pratt accused wife Heidi Montag of using trickery to get pregnant on The View. Now, it looks like he might actually be telling the truth. According to friend Audrina Patridge, Heidi has expressed her desire to become the next Octomom! Look out, Spencer… Heidi may be secretly meeting with Octomom’s evil IVF doctors.

In Audrina’s latest interview with Us, she confirmed that Heidi was indeed “ready for kids.” Says Patridge:

“she said she wanted to be the next Octomom! I was like, ‘Heidi, no you don’t!'”

That makes at least two of us. Octomom was bad enough, but the idea of eight little spawn of Speidi running around is just too much.

According to Spencer, he’s stopped sleeping with his wife of 4 months because he was afraid she might be lying to him about being on birth control. Says Spencer:

“[it’s] the only thing I can think of in my defense.”

“She [says] she is not going to tell me she is going to go off her birth control.”