Heisman Trophy Winners - Where Are They Now? Will This Year's Winner Be a Stud or a Dud?


heisman trophy winnersAlmost immediately following the announcement of the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner tonight, the talk will turn to the winner’s prospect in the NFL.  Will he be a stud like Barry Sanders who is one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game?  Or will he be a dud like Jason White who never played a game in the NFL?

The history of the Heisman Trophy Winners is checkered with some amazing standouts and some forgettable shutouts, but most of the winners fall somewhere in the middle (except for New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush who has had his Heisman win erased from the record books.)

So who were the Heisman Trophy studs and who were the duds?

The list of studs is full of memorable names who have become a part of sports lore and whose names will stand in the Hall of Fame forever – Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Earl Campbell, Tony Dorsett, OJ Simpson, Roger Staubach, Paul Hornung, and Doak Walker.   The list of football duds is much shorter with players like Jason White who never played a game in the NFL, Eric Crouch who concentrated on NFL Europe, and Charlie Ward who opted for a career in the NBA  By far most of the players fall somewhere in the middle as backup quarterbacks waiting for their chance at the prime spot (Troy Smith, Matt Leinart) or middle tier players not quite living up to their potential (Ricky Williams). 

This year’s winner will have to push their play to the next level to bring their talents to fruitition in the NFL.  We’re crossing our fingers that the winner will become one of the Heisman Trophy studs!

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