Helen Bonham Carter Carries Her Fairy


Does everything in the Burton household have to do with fairies, witches, etc.? Apparently, it’s all-fantasy all the time when it come to Helen and Tim’s brood.

While her son Billy Ray is running around the house casting spells with a magic wand in hand, Helen (who’ll play Bellatrix in the upcoming Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows) is escorting tutu-clad Nell to a toy store called Mystical Fairies in London.

Seriously, isn’t that just a little too much? Would putting up with that much fantasy-action not drive you a little bit bonkers as a parent?

Obviously, parents Tim Burton and Helen Bonham Carter have an unusually high tolerance for magical and make-believe… but still, they’ve got to be sick of the constant wand-wielding that goes on in their house. Or maybe not. Says Helen:

“I’m a witch one day or a queen the other. It’s just lucky. I love fantasy time.”

With both mom and dad coming off a recording-breaking weekend at the box office with Alice in Wonderland, maybe they’re all about living on the other side of the looking glass. It sure is profitable.


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