Helen Bonham Carter's Son Is A Scorcerer


burton-familyContrary to what you might think (or maybe not), Helen Bonham Carter’s life on-screen isn’t all that different from her life at home. Either way, she gets to carry a wand, cast spells and enjoy fantasy time.

When Helen gets home from a day of playing a queen in the box office-busting Alice and Wonderland or a witch in the latest Harry Potter flick, she gets to keep playing her role with her 6-year-old son Billy Ray — who loves fantasy and magic.

Says Helen:

“And being a witch, as Bellatrix, is totally up my street. And having to wave a wand and make spells? I just love it. And not only that, but to have a son who’s doing the same in his private life. That’s all he does, wave wands and pretend.

So I’m growing up with him again, and we’ve got a lot to talk about. He said the other day, “Mom, do you have to be a queen or a witch tomorrow?” (This is a different queen; I’ve just been another queen.) It’s pretty much like that though I’m a witch one day or a queen the other. It’s just lucky. I love fantasy time.”

On second thought, it’s not all that surprising that Helen and hubby Tim Burton’s household is a little spaced-out and fantastical is it?


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