Helena Bonham Carter's Daughter Loves Monsters


helena-bonham-carter-300x400Helena Bonham Carter has already told us how much of a tyrant her daughter is, but she also let us know that she prefers monsters to anything else.

The monsters Nell loves so much are the monsters from her mom and dad’s movie Alice in Wonderland.
Helena said, “Nell is up for anything. Today she was watching her daddy do breakfast television and she sadly wasn’t interested in seeing daddy, she just really wanted to see the monsters again from ‘Alice…’. She sits there going, ‘Daddy. Switch the monsters on. ‘Alice in Wonderland’.’ And we tell her no, but she’ll say, ‘I want to see the monsters!’ ”

That’s pretty funny. Kids never like the stuff you think they are going to like. They always keep you guessing.

Nell sounds like she’s an adorable monster who knows what she loves, and it sounds like Helena has her hands full.


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