Helena Bonham Carter's Son Does Not Like Acting, Photographers


helena-bonham-carter-tim-burtonHelena Bonham Carter says her son Billy Ray, 6, does not like his mom being an actress one bit. By the look on his face he isn’t fond of people taking his picture, either.

Bonham Carter, who is portraying children’s author Enid Blyton in the new BBC biopic Enid, tells the UK’s Telegraph that her love for the project didn’t rub off on her son. “[He] threw my script to the opposite end of the room just before I started filming, saying, ‘I like you but I don’t like what you do ‘cos it takes such a very long time.'”

The actress, who also has a daughter Nell, 23 months, with partner Tim Burton says that she wasn’t a fan of Blyton’s when she was growing up but now she’s reading the stories to her son “whether he likes it or not.” Looks like you can add bedtime stories to the list of things Billy doesn’t like.