Helena Christensen Is No Strict Mom


Supermodel Helena Christensen isn’t afraid to say she’s not such a strict mom with her 10-year-old son, Mingus. The super-model mom recently spoke with Babble and divulged her parenting techniques. “I’m not a strict parent,” she said. “Mingus hasn’t challenged me in that way–he hasn’t demanded something that I would find totally ridiculous.”

In fact, the model and mom lets Mingus watch TV and play video games–two things some mothers are totally against. But she sticks up for decision. “I haven’t deprived him,” Christensen said. “Because kids usually overdo [those things] for a bit but then they get over it because it’s not enough stimulation anyway.”

Mingus’ mom also divulged more about life with her son–including the time they brought home a pet snake from the park in New York City. Read all about her parenting trials and tribulations here.

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