Help Us All: Jennifer Lopez Caught Wearing Leggings As Pants (Photos)

No. Just, no.

It just won’t die. Christina Aguilera does it, Reese Witherspoon does it, and now Jennifer Lopez is doing it, too. The crime? Wearing leggings are pants.


The former Fly Girl (emphasis on the word Fly) made the fashion faux pas when she was spotted at her hotel balcony in Rio De Janeiro with her man of the moment, Casper Smart (hopefully she got a toddler discount for him on the flight). The mother-of-two waved to her screaming fans from below while Casper took pictures of nearby Ipanema Beach.

The two are reportedly in town for Rio’s world famous Carnival festival. We’re unsure though why Jen’s leggings had to make the trip, too. Check out our photos of Jennifer and Casper here and tell us what you think.

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    Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart take to the balcony of their Rio de Janeiro hotel after arriving to the city for the world famous Carnival festival.
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    The couple had fun with their screaming fans waiting below and also took some photos of Ipanema Beach.
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    Why, Jennifer?
    We're unsure though why Jen's leggings had to make the trip, too.
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    Leggings As Pants
    It's a fashion crime that won't go away!
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    What do you think?
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