Helping Haiti - John Travolta Is A Man Of Action Onscreen and Off!


012510_john_travolta_544_ap02071206868John Travolta isn’t one to stand by the slidelines. He’s apparently a man of action on screen and off. This week the blockbuster actor flew his very own Boeing 707 to the devasted country of Haiti. On the plane were …doctors and four tons of military food rations and medical supplies to the country. Oh and ministers from the Church of Scientology as well as his wife Kelly Preston.

“We have the ability to actually help make a difference in the situation in Haiti, and I can’t see not using this plane to help.”

“It’s not unlike when my wife and I saw New Orleans,” he said. “[We] were there with this airplane. We have the ability and the means to do this, and you have a responsibility on some level to do that.”

“I hope that inspires others as well,” Travolta said. “It’s needed.”

And this is his second plane load of stuff he’s flown down.

Check out video footage of Travolta in Haiti here.

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