Her Best Role: Angelina Jolie Gives Powerful Speech at G8 Summit (Video)


Actress Angelina Jolie with British Foreign Secretary William Hague at G8 delegates meeting in Lancaster House, LondonAngelina Jolie has had a whole bunch of great roles; the tigress in Kung Fu Panda, Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and who can forget her as Laura Croft. But her best, and most important, role is that of activist and champion for those who are struggling and suffering around the world. At the G8 Summit in London, Angelina Jolie addressed the horrific act of rape during wartime.

Addressing the crowds of politicians she stated that, “hundreds of thousands of women and children have been sexually assaulted in the wars of our generation. But wartime rape is not inevitable.” She added that, “this violence can be prevented, and it must be confronted. I have heard survivors of rape from Bosnia to (the Congo) say that the world simply does not care about them.” But she did offer hope saying, “but today I believe that their voices have been heard, and that we finally have some hope to offer them.” And with a voice like Angelina’s on their side, they will be heard.

Watch Angelina Jolie’s powerful speech below: