Casey Anthony's Mother's Frantic 911 Call To Be Used At Trial


The entire Anthony family was in court today for the first time in over a year. It was an emotional day for all involved with both Casey and her mother in tears.

Casey has plead not guilty to charges of first degree murder for killing her young daughter Caylee  and continues to claim that it was the babysitter.

Today’s judge ruled that the 911 call Casey’s mother Cindy made, in which she tells the dispatcher her daughter’s car smells like a dead body, can be used in court.

Cindy  is standing by her daughter and claims that she was only saying that to get a police car to the scene faster. She had called twice before and no one had showed up yet. She stated today that she was merely, “hysterical at that point,” after hearing from Casey that she had not seen Caylee in 30 days.

Casey’s lawyers have been trying to block the tapes arguing it is “hearsay” and an opinion by a “lay witness.”

The case goes to trial in May.


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