Herb Alpert "I Feel You" Perfect For Valentine's Day-Who Is He?


Herb Alpert recently released his newest album “I Feel You”, which also features his wife, Lani Hall. The album would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart…the music is soulful and soothing.

But just who is Herb Alpert?

Here are some facts about the world famous trumpeter:

Alpert has been performing in the music industry for the past 50 years!

In the last 27 years, Alpert has had twenty-eight albums on the Billboard charts, eight Grammy Awards, fourteen Platinum albums and fifteen gold records. He has sold well over 72 million albums worldwide, and also has his own record label. In 1966, he sold 13 million albums!  He is most associated with the group variously known as Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass, Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass TJB.

Alpert was born in Los Angeles, California on March 31, 1935. He has been married to Lani Hall since 1974, and the couple has one child together. He also has 2 children from a previous marriage.

About the new album he says:  “My playing is all improvisation on this record, the whole thing,I was channeling myself, I guess, but the whole concept was Lani sings, and the rest of us come in behind her. All the playing behind her is basically improve. It’s a given that we know the chords to all these songs beforehand, but after that we let it fly.”

Are you a fan of Herb Alpert?

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