Hero: Husband Sacrifices Life for Pregnant Wife


On this morning’s Today Show, Vancouver, B.C. resident Erin Wood told her story: One of both tragedy and heroism.

Erin and her husband Brian were traveling through Washington state when a Chevy Blazer veared towards their car. Brian swerved in a way that made sure he took the force instead of his wife and their unborn child

“It’s pretty obvious if you look at the car that if it would have been a head-on crash, we both would have been killed, right along with our baby,” Erin told Matt Lauer.“He definitely saved us. He made that choice, and I’m thankful for that.”

Brian, who was killed instantly, was just 33 years old and a head designer for computer gaming company Relic Entertainment. The funeral is planned for Sunday and Erin is due in November. “I really would give anything just to see Brian and hug him one more time,” she said. “So if that just acts as a reminder to everyone to do that with people that they’re blessed to have in their lives, that’s my hope.”

The reason for Brian’s death is senseless. The driver of the Chevy was changing her sweater and had a friend take the wheel. Two passengers in her own car were ejected from the back and killed. Police found heroin, cocaine, marijuana and syringes and a .25-caliber pistol on the body of one of the men killed. The driver will be charged with three counts of vehicular homicide and one count of vehicular assault.

You can watch the video of Erin’s interview here.

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